Saturday, February 02, 2008

PMP Study Guide - 1: Building the Project Management Framework

Project Integration Management
  • The creation and approval of the project plan
  • Executing the project plan
  • Managing , controlling, and documenting changes to the project plan
Project Scope Management
  • Initiating the project
  • Planning the project scope
  • Defining the exact porject scope
  • Verifying the project scope
  • Controlling project scope
Project Cost Management
  can rely on your historical information
  can use a mathematical formula called parametric modeling
  rely on traditional bottom-up estimations
  • Planning for resource allocation
  • Providing accurate cost estimates
  • Creating the project budget
  • Using project management cost control techniques
  • Proving project financial accountability
Project Quality Management
  • Planning for project quality
  • Adhering to quality assurance
  • Enforcing set quality control systems
Project Human Resource Management
  • Developing a project organizational structure consistent with the organization's own structure
  • Fulfilling staff acquisitions
  • Developing the project team
Project communications Management
  • Planning effective communications
  • Designing information retrieval systems
  • Reporting on the project team and on the project performance
  • Following the Communications Management Plan to close out the project
Project Risk Management
  • Planning for risk management
  • Identify risks
  • Using qualitative risk analysis
  • Using quantitative risk analysis
  • Creating project risk response plans
  • Actively monitoring and reacting to project risks
Project Procurement Management
  • Planning for project procurement
  • Planning for solicitation
  • Management Project solicitation
  • Selecting vendors
  • Management and creating procurement documents
  • Administering and closing project contracts

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