Sunday, February 24, 2008

MMC/SD/SDIO comparisons

Technical comparison
Type MMC RS-MMC MMC Plus SecureMMC SD SDIO miniSD microSD
SD Socket Yes Mechanical adapter Yes Yes Yes Yes Electro-mechanical adapter Electro-mechanical adapter
Pins 7 7 13 7 9 9 11 8
Form factor Thin Thin/short Thin Thin Thick (exceptions possible) Thick Narrow/short/thin Narrow/short/extra thin
Width 24 mm 24 mm 24 mm 24 mm 24 mm 24 mm 20 mm 11 mm
Length 32 mm 18 mm 32 mm 32 mm 32 mm 32 mm+ 21.5 mm 15 mm
Thickness 1.4 mm 1.4 mm 1.4 mm 1.4 mm 2.1 mm (exceptions possible) 2.1 mm 1.4 mm 1 mm
SPI mode Optional Optional Optional Required Required Required Required Optional
1 bit mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 bit mode No No Yes  ? Optional Optional Optional Optional
8 bit mode No No Yes  ? No No No No
interrupts No No No No No Optional No No
Xfer clock 0–20 MHz 0–20 MHz 0–52 MHz 0–20 MHz? 0–25 MHz - 0–50 MHz 0–25 MHz 0–25 MHz? 0–25 MHz?
Max Transfer 20 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s 416 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s? 100 Mbit/s - 200 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s
Max SPI Transfer 20 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s 52 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s 25 Mbit/s 25 Mbit/s 25 Mbit/s 25 Mbit/s
DRM No No No Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
User encrypt No No No Yes No No No No
Simplified Spec Yes Yes No Not yet? Yes Yes No No
Memb cost $2500/yr (not required) $2000/yr (General), $4500/yr (Executive)
Spec cost $500  ?  ? Member Member Member Member
Host license No No No No $1000/yr + membership cost
Mem card royalties Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
I/O card royalties N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $1000/yr + membership cost N/A N/A
Open source compatible Yes Yes Yes? Yes? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Type MMC RS-MMC MMC Plus SecureMMC SD SDIO miniSD microSD

Table data compiled mostly from simplified versions of MMC and SDIO specifications and other data on SD card and MMC association web sites. Data for other card variations is interpolated.

Capacity limit in all SD/MMC formats appears to be 128 GB in LBA mode (28-bit sector address).

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