Friday, August 10, 2012

SimpleLink WiFi Module from LS Research


  • Embedded Wi-Fi and Networking Software Including Drivers, Stack, and Supplicant
  • Best-in-class Link Budget:
    • Tx Power: +20dBm at 11Mb-CCK
    • Rx Sensitivity: –89dBm at 11Mb-CCK
  • Compact Code Size (as low as 6KB Flash and 3KB RAM) Required
    for Host Microcontroller
  • FCC/IC and Wi-Fi Certified, ETSI-tested, Production-ready Module
    Offered by LS Research
  • U.FL with Dipole Antenna or Chip Antenna FCC/IC certified,
    ETSI-tested Design Guides Available
  • Integrated TCXO and Power Management
  • Small Form Factor Module (21mm × 14mm × 2.8mm)
  • Full Industrial Temperature Range: (–40°C to 85°C)
  • Proven Wi-Fi Interoperability
  • Complete Platform Solution Including API Guide, Sample Applications,
    Support Community, User and Porting Guides are Provided by TI
  • Antenna Design, Certification, Design Customization Available through LS Research

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