Thursday, August 06, 2009

my first open source project on

here is the link to my project.

I have created this project for several months. As I need to busy work whole days, lucky enough i have some time to keep it going now.

My kernelcpp project is to implement a frame for writing kernel module in C++ language. As we know, linux kernel is writen in c and all of its modules including device drivers are must be wrote in c language. This work can help you to write kernel modules such as device driver in C++ language easily.

The benefits we can get from this is mainly a reference for writing private code in linux kernel. Or for embeded system developers, they can reuse previous code in linux kernel without too much change. People also can use this to design a kernel space platform for your product.

Because the kernel compilation and C++ working environment are both compiler related. So I choose GCC as my supported compiler. 

First working environment would be x86 platform. I would implement other platforms' code after it is fully working.

The implementation would be step by step. May only support some of c++ , may or may not in following sequence.

1. C++ bare bone
2. global objects
3. static variable 
4. pure virtual function
5. new / delete
6. STL ( not support )
7. RTTI (not support ? this need import library ) 

Platform: ARM, ABI , EABI ??

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