Friday, April 06, 2012

Documents Required to Register a Birth 
Documents Required to Register a Birth 

Parents/Informants are required to produce the following documents to the Registration Officer when registering births: 

  • Notification of Live Birth (BD 50) issued by a doctor or midwife.
  • Original identity cards of both parents. (Parents who are non-Singaporeans are required to produce their foreign IC/Passport, entry permit and embarkation/disembarkation cards issued by the Singapore Immigration and Registration Department.)
  • The parent's original marriage certificate.
  • A letter of authorisation from the parents of the child, if registration is done by another person other than the parents.

Ethnic Characters of Child's Name 

Parents are requested to choose their child's name carefully and have it ready at the time of the registration. Ethnic characters of the child's name in Chinese, Jawi or Tamil can be included in the child's birth certificate. This is optional but parents/informants must ensure the accuracy of the ethnic characters furnished. 

Parents/Informants of births will have to write the ethnic characters in the birth certificate himself or herself. If they are unable to do so, they will have to bring someone to write it on their behalf. 

Surname of Child 

Any surname of the child to be entered in respect of the registration of the child's birth shall be that of the child's father. In cases where the child is illegitimate and the father is not an informant of the birth, the surname, if any, shall be that of the child's mother. 

Amendments to Birth Certificates 

Parents/Informants are advised to check all particulars entered in the Birth Certificate before signing the document, and before it is laminated. Any changes or amendments to a birth certificate after it has been laminated will have to be made at the RBD located at the Singapore Immigration & Registration (SIR) Building, 10 Kallang Road.

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