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Share Links on facebook and twitter

Social Media is a rapidly growing means to market, having others share your content, products or services via Social Media Websites has become a great way to generate new leads and sales. For example. have you ever been on a website that had somewhere on it a link that says "Share this on Twitter" or Facebook, or dig, etc, etc? Having these There is a number of different ways to get your content or products viewed and shared by using these links, which I will discuss in this Article.

For starters, lets talk about Twitter. To my knowledge there is no way putting a link on your site a that will automatically make your visitor follow you if clicked on. However you can make a suggestion for your visitor to follow you in the Anchor text of a link, and direct the link to your Twitter profile. For example, you would use anchor text that would be along the lines of "follow me on Twitter" and the url attached to the anchor text would be your Twitter profile URL ( Also on Twitter, there is a link method that can actually make a suggestion as to what the Twitter user tweets. The formula would look like this:

The "" part of the link is the part that tells Twitter to enter the following into the users status box, the following is the message that would appear in the status box. each word must be separated by a "+" sign. From the example above the text in the status box would read "this is an Example". you are allowed to insert URL's here but remember to separate the URL from the rest of the message with a "+".

Face Book is a little simpler. The way you would share your website is by using this URL formula. URL for your website)

Remember when using a Facebook share link, you have to put your URL immediately after the "=". If the visitor of your site does share your link on Facebook, it appears on his or her profile page. It will also appear on a few of your visitors friend's Facebook homepages.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most powerful social networking tools on the internet. You may see an increase of traffic to your website if make it easy for your users to share your site on them.

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