Thursday, April 15, 2010


Is it retail sale ? or web portal ??

4791 Retail Sale via Mail Order Houses or via Internet
This class includes retail sale activities via mail order houses or via Internet, i.e. retail
sale activities where the buyer makes his choice on the basis of advertisements,
catalogues, information provided on a website, models or any other means of
advertising and places his order by mail, phone or over the Internet. The products
purchased can be either directly downloaded from the Internet or physically delivered
to the customer.
This class includes:
− retail sale of any kind of product by mail order
− retail sale of any kind of product over the Internet
− direct sale via television, radio and telephone


6312 Web Portals
This class includes the provision of search facilities and other portals for the Internet.
Web search portals often provide additional Internet services, such as e-mail,
connections to other web sites, news, and other limited content, and serve as a home
base for Internet users.
This class includes:
− operation of web sites that use a search engine to generate and maintain extensive
databases of Internet addresses and content in an easily searchable format
− operation of other websites that act as portals to the Internet, such as media sites
providing periodically updated content
− social networking websites

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