Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What users comment on this bonding technic

Ya, I this product is definitely using bonding technique. For the uploading problem, it's quite reasonable. Because packages from the same TCP connection go to different path to reach the destination with different delay. So in the destination side, the package may fell out of TCP window and cause the retransmit of the same TCP package. It's not easy to solve the problem I think. One way is to bind the TCP connection to a specified interface so that the packages cease to reach in order. But user can not benefit from this design if there is only one connection.

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"We have a portabella and really love it. We rent the porcini (the other magic mushroom that makes this possible) from mushroom networks and it really is very reasonably priced compared to the other limited options out there. The only flaw is it needs UDP to do solid video streaming right now which is not possible for some reason with flash video streaming. We get INCREDIBLE download speeds and file transfers but less than impressive upload speed via TCP. Its an issue that they are working on very hard. The biggest benefit to something like this is for tradeshows. Those bastards will rape you for $1,000 a day for a decent connection. We have bandwidth to spare on our own WiFi now, run skype, live broadcast, make sales, play videos etc etc while our competition spends more for internet in one day than we spend for 4 months."
- Mushroom Networks announces new wireless "Broadband Bonding" technology -- Engadget (view on Google Sidewiki)

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