Saturday, June 20, 2009

some tools for burning image to SAM9261 board on Linux host

following the link above, mkimage bin file is needed for converting kernel image to uImage format

mkimage (U-Boot)

The mkimage U-Boot tool is used to convert a standard kernel image into uImage format needed by bootm U-Boot command.

in order to build u-boot, make3.80 may need.


Some newer version of make produce errors while compiling the revision we use for U-Boot. The compiling of this code has been validated with make-3.80 : Take it and compile it on your host machine (pace in /usr/local directory for example). You can use it calling the right binary while issuing the cross-compile command:


in my case, i just download the SAM-BA tool for linux , mkimage for uboot, make3.80 and CodeSourcery GNU cross-toolchain for ARM.

[harry@epc bin]$ pwd
[harry@epc bin]$ ls
ar  as  c++  g++  gcc  ld  nm  objdump  ranlib  strip
[harry@epc bin]$

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