Saturday, October 20, 2012


1. Soundbar - Renasas R8C MCU + Intersil DAE-4p
    a. remote control
    b. LED / LCD indicator
    c. 2.0/2.1 channle
    d. 4 buildin sound effect
    e. different EQ settings
    f. Wired/wireless subwoofer

2. 2.4G remote control - Nordic solution LE1 + LU1 
    a. PWM output
    b. buttons to report page up/down
    c. working mode indicating

3. NEC IR protocol - MSP430 implementation

4. UPS Control - Freescale JS16
     USB HID Power class

5. Remote Keyboard - Nordic solution
6. FTK touch pad for windows 8 - ST solution, absolute value, support windows 8 multitouch gestures.
    a. convert I2C data to USB and report to windows 8
    b. ST MCU to convert touch panel data to standard USB HID data
    c. support mult-touch and gestures defined in windows 8
    d. need more to enable track pad.

7. Remote Keyboard + touch pad - nordic + elan
    a. remote key board CAP led
    b. paring scheme
    c. switch touch pad running mode
8. DALI lighting slave MCU - freescal SH8
    a. IEC 60386 - 101/102/107 standard
    b. extra input to smooth PWM output
    c. over heat protect
    d. analog signal to adjust output

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