Sunday, October 04, 2009

Photography Tips 01

Consider these points about your subjects when composing:

1. Frame them in the shot's context.
2. Identify line shapes that you can exploit it.
3. Calculate how much (or how little ) of the object you want in your picture.
4. Choose what angle to shoot from.
5. Create dimension and, by context, show more than just the face/main portion.

Positive shape and form the object is:
Forms without jagged edges - smooth and even-rounded - are more
leasing to the eye in art photo. Smooth rough rocks(the positive
space) among brilliant sky (the negative space) offer a viewer comfort
in nature.

How much the object occupies the picture:
If the positive space is too small, it should stand out in some other
ways, such as being a bright color.

How the subject and object interact:

How busy the space is :
A busy shot is bad for art photos because when too much is going on,
the viewer has no focus.