Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ubuntu is good

So long i have not using linux.  i found a DVD disk brought from hometown which is just ubuntu setup image that i burned in China.
I just deleted a partition from windows and want to install this distribution on my PC.
Things went well since plug the disk into dvd driver. And i was just amazing of such a nice distribution.
i did not encounter any problem during installation. compared to debian, this one is so easy to use but i dont know how to config what kind of packages u like to install ... so just installed default ones. in this aspect i like debian much more than this, but who want to brought troubles to himself if he just want to "use" it as a tool.

what depressed me is i found that i've forgotten so many commands or configuration of linux ... i seems that i should usually use this during my leisure time.

found some new software to use instead of the ones i know many yrs ago. for example, the version of xmms is too old , about 2004 .. and some new software is newer than it. just install the new one :D

chinese language is supported much better than any distribution i used before (several years ago). especially changed between english and chinese . and the input method worked well on both environment .

what should improved i think is the fonts is not good enough still . and i found it is slow to start a window after changing to chinese language even changed back ..

any way ... a good distribution  (utuntu 7.04)

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